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Norwalk Preservation Trust’s mission is to protect Norwalk’s irreplaceable historic buildings and neighborhoods, landscapes and streetscapes, by raising awareness and taking appropriate action when necessary. We believe that the buildings around us are an important part of understanding the history of the community. This common heritage is what gives Norwalk its unique character. We work to preserve that character and retain our visible history.

We fulfill this mission through advocacy, information, and education, along with public events including awards, workshops, and tours. Our goal is to be a preservation resource for homeowners, residents, businesses, and developers, as well as city, state, and national organizations and government agencies. We believe that Norwalk’s historic environment and architectural heritage should be a living part of our community.


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Upcoming events, announcements, and stories about ongoing actions.

Beatty Brothers Hat Factory

Beatty Brothers Hat Factory

The John P. Beatty and Brothers hat factory (1912) at 3 Quincy Street in Norwalk produced straw hats from 1912 until 1925. Thought to have been preserved in 2015, this beautiful and historic building was demolished in 2022.

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