Tax Credits

Does your historic home need a little work? Most of them do.

Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit

The State of Connecticut can provide financial help if your house qualifies. The program provides a 30% tax credit, which is converted to a cash payment to the homeowner, for up to $30,000 per dwelling unit for the rehabilitation of owner-occupied buildings. Hundreds of homes in Norwalk qualify for this program.

Your house must be listed in the State or National Register of Historic Places and must be in a qualified census tract. In Norwalk, this includes:

  • Golden Hill Historic District
  • Camp Street Historic District
  • Parts of the Norwalk Green National Historic District
  • Hanford Place Historic District: Haviland and Elizabeth Streets
    • Roughly bounded by Haviland and Day Streets, Hanford Place, and South Main Street
  • South Main and Washington Streets Historic District:
    • 68–139 Washington Street
    • 2–60 South Main Street
    • North Main Street from Washington Street to Ann Street
Norwalk Preservation Trust

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