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Photos courtesy of Silver/Petrucelli+Associates. Postcard ca. 1900 courtesy of Ronald and Mark Fodor. The last two winter photos are by Erik Trautmann/Hearst Connecticut Media for The Hour, Caretaker’s apartment added to Fodor Farm (January 2018).


Fodor Farm Homestead, 328 Flax Hill Road

SHORT DESCRIPTION FOR THUMBNAIL: The 1802 Fodor Farm homestead at 328 Flax Hill Road is now home to the Norwalk Preservation Trust, the Norwalk Land Trust, and the Norwalk Tree Alliance, among others.

PART 1: HISTORY [Norwalk Historical Society]: “The History Of Fodor Farm” ~ Explores the history of ownership and use of the property from the time the house was built in 1802 until today with an emphasis on the Fodor family, the longest owners of the property. Sources:

PART 2: PRESERVATION [Norwalk Historical Society]: “Saving Fodor Farm” ~ Tells the story of the grass roots movement to stop the farm from being developed into a subdivision of 48 houses. The exhibition traces the story through the plans for the development, the rallying of the Save the Farm group, the city taking the land through eminent domain and the success of open land proponents, historic preservationists and the city to develop the site for all the residents of Norwalk. Sources:

PART 3: STATUS [City of Norwalk]: At 328 Flax Hill Road lies one of Norwalk’s significant agricultural landmarks. The newly completed renovations at the actual homestead at Fodor Farm are simply spectacular. The attention to detail is second to none while maintaining the integrity of the original look and feel of the house. The restoration truly does this city landmark proud! The house is surrounded by all-organic community gardens. With sustainable gardening setting the environmental stage at Fodor Farm, the new Fodor Barn kitchen facilities now provide a home for the demonstration and hosting of events to promote healthy eating. If you wander the grounds you’ll find 300 working plots/gardens that can be rented for the season, an orchard, beehives, greenhouses, tool sheds, and a tree farm. Sources:

Norwalk Preservation Trust

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