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You are the key to preserving Norwalk's architectural heritage, its historic buildings and neighborhoods, now and for the future. Together, we can make a positive and lasting difference in protecting our cultural legacy.

Norwalk Preservation Trust Memberships are yearly, on a subscription basis, beginning from the date you join. Each level of membership includes the preceding levels:

  • Individual Member ($25) ~ Basic membership for one person. You'll receive our newsletter and advance notice of NPT events.
  • Family Member ($50) ~ Basic membership for two or more persons.
  • Supporting Member ($125) ~ Includes donor recognition on our web site.
  • Sustaining Member ($250) ~ Includes donor recognition on our web site.

There are three ways to join online:

[1] Yearly Subscription: Requires a PayPal account to manage your subscription, which you can create at the same time you subscribe to NPT (all you need is an email address and a credit card). Use the drop-down menu to choose a membership level, then use the "Subscribe" button:

Membership levels:
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[2] One-Year Membership: Does not require a PayPal account. Use the drop-down menu to choose a membership level, then use the "Pay Now" button:

Membership levels:

[3] Make a Donation: You can also make a donation in any amount and become a member. Does not require a PayPal account:

Norwalk Preservation Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that works to preserve Norwalk’s irreplaceable historic buildings and neighborhoods by raising awareness and taking appropriate action when necessary. We fulfill our mission through education, information, advocacy award programs, and public events. Our goal is to be a preservation resource for property owners, businesses, and developers as well as city, state, and national organizations and government agencies. We believe that Norwalk’s historic environment and architectural heritage should be a living part of the community.